Personal Meeting IDs in Phonebook List command?


In the old forum, Jeff asked:

Is there any possibility of adding a user/room’s PMI into their phonebook entry? Though we have the ability to dial into a specific meeting number, we have no way to look up a contact’s PMI. Is this possible, or are PMIs supposed to be semi-private?

For example: We have two offices that join the same meeting frequently. Rather than having one Zoom Room invite the other, we would like to have the joining Zoom Room be able to join when it is ready. It would be nice if the joining Zoom Room could select the first from the list of contacts and dial into its PMI.

Jeff: I talked with the team: It looks like including a PMI with each contact is not in the plan. But I can see where this use case would be useful, and I’m going to take this up with our product manager. There are two options we have right now that are almost as good:

Scott replied:

  • What you really want to do is schedule a meeting right now, and instantly share the meeting Id with both Zoom Rooms. The best way is to schedule a meeting using whatever calendar integration you have, and include both Zoom Rooms as participants, and enable “join before host” for the meeting. The meeting will then show up in the list of scheduled meetings on the Zoom Room Monitor and iPad, and in each Zoom Room, just click on that meeting entry.

  • Or, have the first Zoom Room directly call the second Zoom Room using the contact list. If you want to allow the first zoom room to “connect” without waiting for the second zoom room to answer (and possibly time out), then you can configure the second Zoom Room to “Automatically accept incoming calls and far end camera control.”

One issue: the PMI, for both users and rooms, never allows join before host. If the first Zoom Room dials the PMI of the second Zoom Room, and the second Zoom Room has not yet launched the PMI, the first Zoom Room gets the “wait for host to join” message, which isn’t much different than having the first Zoom Room directly call the second Zoom Room, and waiting for the second Zoom Room to answer. However, I could see where calling the PMI would be the best option.