Phone number is not present in lead in Salesforce

Hi Team,
The phone number is not being populated into a lead while we are creating the webinar.
When I’m creating a webinar and attendees are entering their emails, phones and etc. I see only email being captured in campaign but not phone number. Do you’ve any ideas why it’s not fetching ?
Thank you.

Hey @ramik.allakhverdiev,

Are you using the Zoom for Salesforce app, or a custom integration? Do you have any custom registration questions?


Hello @will.zoom ,
I’ve set up an integration with Salesforce only using zoom app no custom things were created. It’s working as expected just I want to know why the phone number not being captured while the users are registering to a webinar but email or name are being captured.

Hi @ramik.allakhverdiev,

Thanks for confirming. Can you please raise this with our Technical Support team here? They’ll be best suited to look into it further for you.