Phone recording complete webhook sent too many times

I have an application that listens for the phone recording complete webhook.
If the recording has a break in it (stopped then started) - the webhook is sent twice.
At first I thought it was sending each part of the recording separate but the data and download_url are the same.
If the recording has no break, or is automatic then only one webhook is sent as expected

There are too many (two) webhooks events triggered.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
zoom phone recording complete webhook

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use Ad-hoc recording for zoom phone
  2. Start recording, wait a while, stop recording, wait a while, start recording, wait a while, stop recording, hangup
  3. Wait for webhooks to arrive

Hey @pgp,

Thanks for raising this with us.

To clarify, are you getting the full call recording in each of these webhooks once you receive them (you mentioned that the URLs are the same, but does the download_url accurately represent the whole call in each webhook)?

If it’s possible to provide some example webhook payloads for the recording completed event, I’ll be happy to take a closer look.


Yes, when i download the recording from both webhooks they are identical and contain the full call when recording is started.

Hey @pgp,

Make sure you are sending a 200 OK response back after receiving a webhook from Zoom. Otherwise, Zoom will think the request failed, and will send it again 3 more times.



I am responding with 200, as explained when the recording is automatic or the recording is not restarted it works fine.

I only get two Webhooks when the recording is stopped and then restarted.

Many thanks

There is also no gap between the webhooks, they arrive at the same time.

Hi @pgp,

I can see that you’ve reached out to us with some more details at Developer Support—I’ll continue the conversation there.


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