Phonebook avatarURL field empty for all entries


Using Zoom Rooms beta 15 on Mac OS, when I issue this command:

zCommand Phonebook List Offset: 0 Limit: 1000

I get the expected list of Zoom users for our organization. However, the “avatarURL” described in the documentation for each phonebook entry is empty (even for users that have an avatar uploaded, which is visible in the desktop Zoom client.)

Interestingly, if I start a meeting with at least one of those participants with an avatar and issue this command:

zCommand Call ListParticipants

The resulting list of participants each includes an “avatar_url” property, and this is filled in with the correct URL for the avatar for the user.

Would be great to have the avatar URL appear for the phonebook listing, too!

Best regards,
Tom Drewes


I stand corrected!

For some reason, the phonebook API was not showing the avatarURL for an account which had uploaded an avatar photo some time ago (as I mentioned, it showed up on the Zoom desktop app.)

When I re-uploaded the same file, it appears in the phonebook API response. If someone else has the same problem, just try re-uploading the avatar photo to the account with the problem.

Best regards,
Tom Drewes


It’s a cache issue. The Avatar URL will be blank, until the Zoom Room is in a meeting with another participant; at that time, the Zoom Room will discover the Avatar URL of the other participant and cache it; then, the phonebook entry for that user will include the Avatar URL.

The cache is located here:

Mac : /Users/xxx/Library/Application Support/ZoomPresence
Win : %APPDATA%\ZoomRooms\data

You can test the cache behavior by closing the application and deleting the cache directory.



Aha - thank you!



I’ve been looking into this on a new test box I set up, which currently has no avatar info for any of the phonebook contacts. When I used the zoom room to invite myself to a meeting, my avatar URL showed up in the participant list item for me, but was never updated in the phonebook. I tried deleting the %AppData%\ZoomRooms\data folder as well as rebooting the machine.

For reference, I’m using Beta 16 on Windows 10 (I believe beta 15 has this problem as well). Our other zoom rooms are running Beta 12 and avatars are showing up for all the contacts immediately without having to join a meeting with them first.


I have also played around with deleting the cache and I have to agree with Jeffrey - it looks like it may not be working as designed in beta 16. Even after starting a meeting with a contact from the phonebook (which has an avatar uploaded and which appears in other Zoom clients), the avatar is not appearing in the phonebook (although it appears in the participant list.)


The way that avatar URL works is that after the ZR has been in a meeting with that contact, it will cache the avatar URL, but it will not update the phonebook immediately, rather it will wait for the next time the that phonebook entry is updated naturally, such as when reconnecting ZAAPI. Then it will update the URL then.

However, because the avatar URL in the phonebook is so unreliable, we recommend not using it. Our own iPad ZR controller does not use it. The avatar URL in the participants list works as intended though.