ZR-CSAPI - Prevent Phonebook Dump on Connection?

Is there a way to prevent a Zoom Room from dumping the entire account phone book when connecting via the ZR-CSAPI? This occurs when connecting for the first time after restarting the Zoom Room application or after a reboot of the machine.

On low powered machines such as AV Control Processors, the phone book dump ends up blocking the entire AV system from functioning until the processor can finally catch up with all the incoming data. Our account has roughly 15,000 users so this process can take upwards of 10 minutes. Putting the SSH connection into its own thread has helped somewhat but it does not prevent the lock up.

Further, most of the information in the phone book dump is either incorrect, in the wrong field, or completely missing. This renders the phone book pointless in the first place. We had a ticket in months ago regarding this with no resolution.

If the information is useless and has potential to lock up SSH controllers, it should be removed as a default action and moved to a custom API command that should be purposefully invoked if someone really needs access to the phone book.

Any workarounds would be much appreciated!

@tommy I made a new thread since the long running ZR-CSAPI Roadmap post was locked.

Hi @melliott,

Great question and happy to look into this for you. Just so I’m sure we’re on the same page, are you referring to the full Phonebook object being returned immediately upon connecting, without first entering any commands? If you’re able to share a small sample/example, this would be helpful for me to confirm this for you.


Hi @will.zoom,

Correct, the full phonebook that is returned immediately upon connection. This also occurs after any reboot of the Zoom Room software or host machine.

I unfortunately do no have a small example but using NodeJS or Putty to SSH into a Zoom Room would show the behavior. In my experience you might be able to squeak in the “format json” command before the phonebook dump occurs.

As for the phonebook itself having junky data, I can supply and old smaller version I pulled down from our account. Just let me know where I should send it.



Hey @melliott,

Thanks for the additional details and for clarifying. I’m reaching out to the team who is most familiar with this product, and should be able to get back to you shortly. (ZOOM-197857).

I’ll let you know what I find!


Just checking in here

Hey @melliott,

Thanks for your patience while we try to get this (and your other question) answered for you—I’ve just followed up with our team and hope to have an update for you shortly.


Hey @melliott,

Thanks for your patience while I confirmed this behavior with my team. They’ve confirmed that, at the moment, there is not a way to prevent a Zoom Room from dumping the entire account phone book when connecting via the ZR-CSAPI. However, we can appreciate your use case and how this can create issues.

I’d encourage you to consider posting this as a feature request here: #feature-requests.


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