Phonebook presence gets stuck as PRESENCE_OFFLINE

I’ve observed that when our application has been connected to the Zoom Room API for some reasonably long duration (not yet measured accurately, but let’s say around 8-10 hours), the presence property for all the entries returned by “zCommand Phonebook List Offset: 0 Limit: 1000” will appear as PRESENCE_OFFLINE.

Restarting our application and reconnecting to the Zoom Room API does not resolve this, nor does restarting the Zoom Room application. If the Zoom Room Controller application is started (while our app is disconnected), I’ve observed it will connect to the Zoom Room, show the list of contacts from the phonebook, and they will all appear offline for the first few seconds that the ZRC is running. Then, the contact presence values will update to the expected values.

It appears that the Zoom Room Controller is doing something else in its own connection that forces the presence to be updated correctly for the contacts in the phonebook.

I imagine this bug could recreated by opening an SSH connection to the API, querying the phonebook, then waiting 8-10 hours and querying the phonebook again, looking for the contacts to all have a status of PRESENCE_OFFLINE.

If this is indeed a bug, are there any suggestions for a workaround until it is resolved?

Best regards,
Tom Drewes

Hi Tom,

We are currently investigating this issue.

This is happening with us now too.

hi @Atlona_Velocity,

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have received your request and will be responding to you shortly.


FYI: this has been resolved in Contacts status "offline" in ZR-CSAPI zCommand Phonebook List

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Hey @alexander.zarubkin,

Thanks for sharing the solution to this topic! :slight_smile:


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