PinVideo not working

Running PinVideo on the Electron SDK, even in the demo app, doesn’t work.
Return error code 2.

let opts = {
bPin: true,
bFirstView: true,
let ret = zoomvideo.MeetingVideo_PinVideo(opts);

Which Electron Client SDK version?
Current Electron SDK version

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a meeting in the Electron SDK demo
  2. Get your userid with GetParticipantsList(), you are [0]
  3. use that userid for the PinVideo function, doesn’t work. Return error code 2. Mute/ unmute using the same userid works so the userid is correct.

This is using the Demo, and the standard UI. not using a custom UI.

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I am having exactly the same Problem

SpotlightVideo has the same issue too.

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Yes I read somewhere that option spotlight had been removed from from the SDK’s I hope it not the same for electron and pinning option

Oh that’s not good. I really need either spotlight or at least pin video in the app I’m
making. Otherwise, I practically wasted my time developing the rest of the features. Hope somebody from Zoom can confirm if they should still work.

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hi there , have you made and advances with this ?

none yet. still the same error.

@Zoom_Staff any help on this ?

Try to install it again. It worked for me.

I have done this a few times I will try again … are you using the electron sdk for with a mac and if so what version ?

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