Cancel Spotlight video not working

Canceling the spotlight video with `MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo({bSpotlight: false}); does not work in Electron.

Which version?
Current master, which is

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Call MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo({bSpotlight: false});

Should I use something else?


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the post. Let me forward this to the engineering team for further investigation and get back to you shortly.


Hi Sam,

The interface MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo is expecting 2 parameters: spotlight and userid.


It will not work if any of the parameters are missing. Please have a try.


Thanks. It does indeed work on the C# library with 2 parameters. I was pretty sure I also tried it with 2 parameters on Electron for MacOS, will try it again…

Hi sam.decrock,

Thanks for the reply. We have tried this interface on our end and have not encountered any issues. Please have a try and let me know if it is still not working.