Placeholder in Redirect URL in OAuth

We are currently working on building an OAuth app - User Managed for our E-learning Product. Our E-learning product is deployed in Multi-tenant system. Are we allowed use our Re-direction URL as follows - where the is constant and we wish to populate %tenantname% to populate our customer tenantid ondemand



Are we allowed to use our Redirect URL as and replace “any” with our tenant name of our customer ondemand?

I don’t see any documentation that helps us decide this. Even if we use it, will ZOOM allow us to append the redirection URL and then use it for further token and refresh token generation?

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Hi @sai11101989
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
Here is the link to our Docs, where you will find how you can use multiple environments in your application

Let me know if this helps,

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Thank you for the details. I see from the supplied documentation that I can rely on any[dot]example[dot]com and replace any with sub1, sub2 and redirect accordingly.

However, few of my customers use different, fully qualified domain names. Can Am I allowed to replace the entire redirect URL during my token call?

Example illustration for your review:

  1. I will set my redirect URL on a OAuth User Managed app as : any[dot]example[dot]com
  2. When I call the OAuth authorization code programmatically via my application, I will replace my redirect_uri value as new[dot]newsite[dot]com

Will zoom verify and compare the redirect_uri I am using in my programmatic call via my application with redirect_uri value from OAuth Usermanaged App from ZOOM Marketplace?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Hi @sai11101989
The redirect_url needs to be added in the Allow list, for the user to be able to authorize the app in their account.

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