Placement of 'you are muted' and 'allow members to unmute' away from content being presented

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I use Zoom for show rehearsals. This means that, due to lag and some members having slow internet connection, my workflow is ‘share the music/video’, then mute all members and then press the play button. This means that when I mute I receive a message asking if members may unmute themselves right in the middle of the screen. Can this be a ‘meeting default’ setting rather than asking everytime I mute all. We often mute all 10 times within an hour and it’s an extra ‘click’ that doesn’t need to be there.
Also, when I then join in with the rehearsal to the presented track, whilst muted, the ‘you are muted press space (etc)’ always appears in front of the presented video. My presented content is ona second screen .

Describe the solution you’d like
I would like a tick box to allow me to 'mute all members and allow them to unmute for the duration of this meeting without more nag screens.
I would like a tick box to select ‘never warn the host that they are muted for the duration of this meeting’
If the above isn’t possible is it possible to have a ‘select default screen where notifications appear’ option so that I can deal with messages and questions on a screen that doesn’t ever overlap the presented content?

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I havene’t found any alternatives sorry.

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