[PLEASE READ BEFORE POST] Troubleshooting Tips for Zoom Mobile SDKs & FAQ

Troubleshooting Tips for Zoom SDK

Hi there! Thank you for using Zoom SDK! :slight_smile:

We understand how frustrating it is to encounter errors and not know their causes and solutions. Do not be distressed, we are here to help. The steps listed below will help you navigate and understand the troubleshooting process needed to resolve issues that occur while using Zoom SDK :

Read the documentation and refer to the demo app

In our docs, we have documented most of the important topics around Zoom SDK that will be critical in your app development process. Visit our SDK docsand reference docs and search for topics related to your issue.

Here are some useful resources:




Use the developer forum

If you are unable to find your answers in the docs, this forum is the right place to go to. Before you post a question, please try to see whether there is an existing post that has answers to issues similar to yours.

If the existing answers in the post do not help in resolving your issue, you can either add your issue by replying in the comments or by creating a new post in the forum.

Describe your issue in the forum

While creating a new topic or asking questions in the comment threads, ensure that you include the following details so that we can understand your problem in detail and provide you with appropriate solutions:

Description : A clear and concise description of what the issue is.

SDK Version : Which version of SDK are you building with? Knowing the version can help us identify your issues faster.

Reproducible Steps : Steps needed to reproduce the behavior that you are facing in a format similar to the following:

Go to ‘....’
Click on ‘...’
Scroll down to ‘....’
See error

Screenshots : If applicable, add screenshots of the error that helps explain your problem.

Device Information : If the error is specific to a device type, provide the following information:

Device Type: (e.g. iPhone 6)
OS: (e.g. iOS8.1)
Version: (e.g. 22)

Additional Context : Include any additional information that can help us understand your issue better such as error logs (check out iOS log feature and Android log feature). If you are using a third party Crash Logs Analyzer, you can include relevant screenshots of those logs as well.

Note : The format for the post details mentioned above is also available for new SDK forum topics for you to edit. Leverage the format to help us address your issue properly.

If you have encountered an issue for a topic that hasn’t been documented in our SDK docs, you can submit a request for documentation here.

Happy Zooming~! :smiley: