Polling answers missing in API response

I have a meeting where the I can see the polling responses when I generate the report on the Zoom website.

However, when I call the API for the same meeting ID, there are zero polling responses.

I also notice on the website, when i look at the Post meeting infoirmation here:
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In the polls section, it shows that the polls were not launched. This is incorrect.

How do I get the polling results through the API? I suspect something is mangled with this meeting.


Hi @wmekonnen

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Have you tried calling these endpoints???

Hope this helps,

Yes, we’re calling those endpoints.
Specifically this one:

That’s our meeting ID: 81295635237

We’re seeing zero polling results from the API.

But the polling report in the Account Management > Reporting area clearly shows all the poll responses from the meeting.

Oddly, when we also look at the Meeting information it shows that none of the polls were launched. That is completely incorrect.

Interesting @wmekonnen
Could you please open a ticket with support here:

And share more details about this issue along with your account ID so they can debug further.