Polling View and Chat Functionality for attendees

For Attendees joining the meeting, does zoomSDK for macOS show Polling view with Questions set by the host and the Polling Result?

Does it support the chat functionality to all members and to one - to - one chat ?

As this is not shown in the macOS demo application. Kindly share me the article for the same if it supports.

Nirav Desai

Hi @niravd, thanks for the post.

To clarify, are you looking to see if it is possible to implement these features in a custom meeting UI, or if they are available in the default UI?


Hi @jon.zoom
thank you for your reply
Yes I am looking to implement these features in a custom meeting UI.

Hi @niravd,

Thanks for confirming. You can send chat messages through the sendChat method (both public and private).

Unfortunately polling is not currently support in custom UI mode on macOS.


Thank you @jon.zoom do you have any tutorial which shows the integration of chat using this sendChat Method?

As sending chat will also have a receiving chat msg functionality either in group or private how the notification comes.

Can you give a clear solution here ?

Nirav Desai

Hey @niravd,

In the MacOS demo app included with the SDK, there is an example of sending chat messages in the file ZMSDKChatWindowController.m. To receive chat messages you must set a ZoomSDKMeetingActionControllerDelegate and implement the callback onChatMessageNotification. There is an example of this in ZMSDKChatWindowController.m


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