Poor Video Quality streaming from Native Zoom Client

We have integrated Zoom via Web-SDK into a webclient. Every things works just fine. Except that the resotuion the Native Zoom App uses for streaming never goes higher than 640x360. We have HD for groupd enabled in the user settings as well as in the zoom client. Is the resouliton currently limited by zoom?

The full error message or issue you are running into.

Which version?
latest web sdk and latest zoom client


Hi @s.goetz,

The Native client should support 720p, do you have a Pro account? Also, the WebSDK only supports up to 360p at this time. We are looking to expand into 720p in the future for the WebSDK.


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thank you for your answer!
We use zoom business. the problem with the low resolution also occurs using a native client to stream and a native client to receive streams.

Hey @s.goetz,

For support for the Native Client, please reach out to support.zoom.us.


We have the same problem. Everything capped to 640x360, but are on a Pro subscription.

Me facing the same issue! Have a pro account. Zoom please resolve this major issue.

Hey @Nishant_Pra, @michel1,

For support for the Native Client, please reach out to support.zoom.us

If you are using the Web SDK, the max resolution is 360p.