Possible to initiate an an Outbound call from another device?


I am developing an application that needs a feature: allow an user to click a button on Device A (computer/smartphone) to initiate an outbound call from Device B (desk phone or whatever supported zoom phoen device/ATA adapter).

I know that I can use the zoomphonecall uri schema to initiate an outbound call from Device A on Device A. But I am wondering if Device A can call some API to have Device B start the outbound call. (Device A and B are on the same network and physical location if that matters).

The reason this feature is needed is because Device A may not have calling ability (no headset/audio/mic) necessary to initiate the call itself.

Thank you!

I checked with our team to see if this is something that’s possible with our API or with an SDK that we have.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

It sounds like this would be possible with one of our SDKs but we don’t strictly have an API call that would accomplish this.

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