Post attendee collect data

Hello to all,
We are part of a BIG DATA research connected to learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We want to collect specific data from our post attendees but could not find POST information from the meeting.
We need a working example of extracting the meetings from the past lets say hour or two, so we can at least allow to choose the exact meeting. that way we can connect the inforamtion and do some research.

I guess the best API option would be via JWT, but the documents are not clear enough to me.

I have been devleoping in wordpress and moodle for years, but have no experience with the zoom api.
the best would would be if i could find a working php example to start from.

Thanks ]

Hey @avico,

If you’re looking to report on past Meetings, you will likely want to check out this endpoint:

This allows you to query past meetings by data range and returns a list of those meetings.

I should also note that our APIs are platform agnostic, so you should be able to work in any framework/language. You might find it helpful to use our embedded Postman tool in the documentation (under each endpoint) to generate code in your preferred language.

Let me know if this helps!

Hey Thank you,

I will check out and return to you with results.


Glad I could help, @avico! :slight_smile:


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