Post Webinar Survey URL - Adding additional parameters

Is there an option to add additional parameters like event key and user ID to the post webinar survey URL ? This is an option in the branding section of the webinar settings:


Hey @harsh,

Unfortunately you can’t add dynamic query params for the survey url, although this is a great suggestion.

The best way I can think of to accomplish this with a little development work on your end, is as follows:

Create a User Level OAuth app, (if the webinar attendees are not apart of your Zoom account, this would need to be published to the App Marketplace or approved to be a private app).

Then add the publishable url (authorization url) as the Post Webinar Survey URL.

After a webinar, the user will be taken to your authorize page. Once they authorize your app to read the data you require, you can use the auth code to get an access_token and then call the GET /users/me endpoint to get info about that user, then display a survey if you still wanted to.

Let me know if you have additional questions!


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