Survey URL not popping up for some webinars

I’m using the API to create a webinar and set the survey_url and post_webinar_survey, but when these webinars are ended, the URL does not popup. This feature used to work but seemed to stop working a few weeks ago. However, I noticed that a webinar that was not created through the API but with the Zoom UI, the post webinar survey actually worked.

Webinar created through API that doesn’t work - 946 4867 9927

Webinar created through UI that works - 915 1191 4935

I’m not sure why these would be different. Any ideas?

Hey @chris.ota,

Thanks for reaching out about this—happy to take a closer look.

Is it possible to share the API request body for the meeting you created via API so that I can double check the request itself?


Hi Will,

Unfortunately I don’t have an easy way to get the exact request body that was used to create that webinar. Here is a close approximation:

  "agenda": "",
  "duration": 60,
  "settings": {
    "allow_multiple_devices": false,
    "alternative_hosts": "",
    "approval_type": 1,
    "audio": "both",
    "authentication_domains": "",
    "authentication_name": "",
    "authentication_option": "",
    "auto_recording": "cloud",
    "close_registration": false,
    "contact_email": "",
    "contact_name": "",
    "enforce_login": false,
    "enforce_login_domains": "",
    "hd_video": false,
    "host_video": false,
    "meeting_authentication": false,
    "notify_registrants": false,
    "on_demand": false,
    "panelists_video": false,
    "post_webinar_survey": true,
    "practice_session": true,
    "question_answer": false,
    "registrants_confirmation_email": false,
    "registrants_email_notification": false,
    "registrants_restrict_number": 0,
    "registration_type": 1,
    "show_share_button": false,
    "survey_url": ""
  "start_time": "2021-01-29T19:48:00.0975819Z",
  "timezone": "UTC",
  "topic": "Create Webinar Test 1/29/2021 7:48:00 PM",
  "type": 5,

Hi @chris.ota,

Thank you for sharing these details. I’m looking into this for you (ZOOM-242984).


Hi @chris.ota,

Our team released a fix for this bug and it should be resolved now. Please let us know if you run into the issue again. :slight_smile:


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Thank you, @will.zoom. All of our webinars today correctly popped up the post webinar survey!

Great—thanks for confirming @chris.ota !


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