Postman testing using OAuth

Hi there,

I am trying to use Postman to test the Zoom API. Since Zoom can only create one JWT app per account, I believe it will be better to use OAuth app to test instead, so that if there are other developers who wanna test it, they can create their own tokens.

Then I try to follow the guide here.
To be specific, the “Authorization Code” section.

I can successfully retrieve the authorization code, but failed to create the token using the following CURL. Please help

curl --location --request POST ‘<authorization_code_received_from_redirect_url>&redirect_uri=https://<blah_blah>’
–header ‘Authorization: Basic <app_client_id:app_client_secret_in_base64>’

Request returned 401

“code”: 124,
“message”: “Invalid access token.”

Hey @vicker, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

You installed / authorized the OAuth app correct?

Can you try following the steps here:


Hi @tommy,

It works great, thank you. I notice what I’ve done wrong as well. The endpoint I used is
v2/oauth/token instead of

Though it’s interesting that the v2 one also provide a response.

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Hey @vicker,

I am glad you were able to resolve your issue! :slight_smile:

Yes, for the oauth endpoints, the url does not include the v2 path.