Testing OAUTH2 access

When testing Zoom APIs with JWT authentication I was able to use Insomnia and Postman to test the APIs while exploring which ones to use.

How do I do this with the OAUTH2 authentication? Zoom wants me to specify the call-back URL which means I won’t see the response in to test tool.

Am I missing something?

@zoommeeting, Please watch sessions here → how to do OAuth with Zoom P1 & P2?

Thanks for responding - but those videos don’t answer the question. I need to know how to test my app - preferably using Insomnia. I’m not using node either so basically, none of it is relevant.

Hi @zoommeeting
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Here is a guide on how to make an API call with Oauth credentials using Postman.

Let me know if this helps!

Well it gives me a start but the URL shown for callback in Postman is not working. I have tried browser authentication and providing the URL to Postman and the app but I get an invalid callback URL error every time. URL I’m using is https://oauth.pstmn.io/v1/browser-callback which as best I can see from the Postman and Zoom sites is correct.

OK - found my own mistake. The URL has to be added to the Allow list as well as entered in the callback location.

Many thanks - Now on to the next step!


Hi @zoommeeting,

Please follow the below steps to get access and refresh token using the postman collection

  1. Create OAuth App on Zoom Marketplace
  2. Configure Redirect Uri and Get App Creds (Client_Id & Client_Secret)
  3. Configure the below Oauth Uri with your client Id and redirect Uri


  1. Copy and Paste :point_up_2: Uri to the browser and hit enter
  2. You will be redirected, once authorised → Copy the ?code=sdkfjlsd param from the browser search bar
  3. Navigate to → Base64Encode

  1. Download the Postman collection
  2. Open it in postman and navigate to the Headers Tab & paste Base64 Creds String as Basic base64string

  1. Navigate to the Body tab and configure your values. For code value, you have in Step 5.

  1. Click Send

If still anything not clear share here. Thanks