Prepopulation of user email

Is there any way to prepopulate user email when user joins ZCC on Android or iOS.

Hi @kirillakulich0
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Have you taken a look at our Create users profile endpoint. here:

Does this help ?

Is it possible to use this endpoint for Mobile(Android + iOS) sdk? And how it can be used

Are you using Video sdk or Meeting Sdk @kirillakulich0
If it is meeting SDK you should be able to access that endpoint

Yes I an using video sdk

HI @kirillakulich0 ,

When working with the Video SDK, you’ll need to use the Video SDK specific API endpoints. Video iOS has it’s own set of endpoints, as well as Android.


Hello everyone. Thank you for fast replies.
Probably my question was not correct initially. Let me reformulate it and probe more details.

I am using ZoomContactCenter sdk for Android and iOS in the application. There is a button in my application and when user taps it then VideoService UI fetched and user sees ZCC UI. I need provide user email into the flow, because there is logic for queue depending on user email. But I can not do it from mobile sdk(To avoid it I need to show pop up for user to enter email) My questions is: Is there any ability to provide email in ZCC flow from Mobile SDK.