Customer care support can we use ZOOM video call?

we have E-commerce application. From e-commerce application customer can call video-call to customer care. So

so how we can proceed this using Zoom application using mobile sdk.??

So in our application have only call button. Once click that call directly need to connect video call with customer care …

Hi rajesh,

Thanks for interested in using Zoom SDK. Yes, the use case that you are describing is one of the major use cases for Zoom SDKs. You can have a look at our SDK docs and have a try with our demo apps:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

We implement your sample SDK. In that customer how login and initiate the call to customer care with out login???

Our application based on mobile number.

In your case email -pwd, SSO Login, Login API option there …in this all option meeting id require, or they need to login with mail…

And what is the different between SSO Login, API Login ??

in our case how we can use??

Hi rajesh,

Thanks for the reply.

We offer 3 different types of authentications:

Please refer to the doc for the full definition of different user type:

Are you trying to start an instant meeting?