Prevent automatic joining of meeting and display an overlay

I have successfully installed and tested the SDK. In my use case, the embedded meeting or webinar will be displayed on a website a few days before its scheduled date. Users will have to click on a button to join.

Until they do, an overlay should be displayed with useful information about the meeting (e.g. date + time zone, title, description, host’s name). Does Zoom provide ready-made overlays for this, based on existing metadata, or should I create it?

After leaving the meeting, a second overlay should be displayed. Is there a standard option for this or should I create it? Thank you.

Note: I’d be happy to retrieve the overlay through n API call, if it exists.

Which version?


Hey @Dave98,

The Zoom Web SDK is just the meeting / webinar experience. We do not have an overlay feature like you are seeking.

You can however, build your own overlay, and then show the Web SDK at the proper time (example), and then after the meeting is over, users will be directed to the leaveUrl, where you can again, build your second overlay.

Let me know if that makes sense! :slight_smile:


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