Which auth type and costs for multiple users

I am looking into integrating with zoom API. I work on an application that manages bookings for multiple clients and want to be able to create meeting rooms for those who need audio/video functionality. When I started playing with the API, I realised I have to have a paid subscription in order to be able to create users. Each one of my clients has an option to enable this feature and they will have a multiple users creating those throughout the day.


  1. in order to user this functionality, all of the clients will have to create their own account on zoom, pay for it, connect with my oauth app

  2. Does this mean the total monthly cost will depend on the amount of host users they have?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I am assuming OAuth is best tool to be used here, correct?

Hey @mac, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

For your use case, I would suggest not creating Zoom users. Have your clients use their Zoom account, to OAuth with your application, which then uses the Create Meeting API to create the meeting.

That being said, are you also wanting to embed Zoom into your website?


Here is our pricing. If your integration wants to use premium Zoom features, then yes the account who is using your app would need to pay for those respective features.

Let me know if I’ve answered your questions.


Hey @tommy, thanks for a quick response.

Not at the moment. I just want the basic functionality to be able to create a meeting for each appointment meeting specific criteria.

Great, thanks for this. I am still not clear about one thing about the costs for my clients. Calling this endpoint with user email instead of ID will make this user a host.

So 10 emails used == 10 hosts, correct?

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Happy to help @mac!

If your app just creates meetings, the Zoom users who install your app don’t need to be paid accounts. They can be free accounts. The users only need to be paid accounts, if your app uses pro features which free users don’t have, like cloud recording management and webinars.

Correct, each time you call the Create Meeting Endpoint, the user you pass in to the path param will be the host of that meeting.

Let me know if you have additional questions. :slight_smile:


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Brill @tommy, this answers my questions. Thank you for your time and input.

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: