Pricing of Zoom API integration?

Hi @will.zoom
What do you mean by “making decision where to host”? Are there other alternative solutions for my case?

Hey @gkopowski,

Will meant hosting via the Web SDK vs the Zoom App. The Zoom App supports a higher video and audio quality and more features than the Web SDK.


Hi @tommy
I think everything is clear now. Thanks guys!

Hi @will.zoom,

I am presenting a scenario and would like to inquire about the pricing details. I am currently working on implementing Zoom APIs in a web application product which will allow users to carry out video meetings.
One user will host the meeting and other users will join the meeting. We will have multiple users hosting different meetings at the same time.
e.g. There will be 10 users who are hosting 10 meetings at the same time and in each meeting there will be 20 to 30 participants including the host. This process will be carried out daily.
I would like to know which plan should I buy that will fulfill my needs and how many accounts will I need.
Thank you

Hi @JohnP123,

Good question—Based on your use case, if you will need 10 or more host licenses, this would require our Business plan. If you were OK with 9 host licenses, you could use our Pro plan, which allows for 100 participants in a meeting:

Hope this helps!


Hi @will.zoom - do I need a paid plan to be able to access the list and details of scheduled zoom events for a user? We are developing an events app and would like to support zoom online events by pulling them into our eventline.

Please advise, thank you.

Hi @axiomllc,

You can access a list of meetings/meeting details for a user under your account using our List Meetings endpoint:

This endpoint does not require a paid plan.


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No client ID/secret and/or api key either? So basically our front-end would get an OAuth token and pass it along with the meeting list request for the userID it belongs to - correct?

I have a question . I would like to ingrate zoom sdk with our commercial app.

  1. Is any licence (Developer licence ) or cost needed to ingrate with our App.
  2. The plan is completely dependent on customer choice is it?
    3.There is no cost for developer for integration ?

Hi @illuarafath,

While it’s free to develop with our APIs and SDKs, we generally recommend a Pro (or higher) plan so that you can test out the most common functionality (certain features are limited to certain plans).

In regards to plans, licenses are applied on a user-basis. So, if the users utilizing your integration are under your Zoom account, you would be able to apply licenses to them yourself. If the users utilizing your integration would be under a different Zoom account, they would need to have their own licenses/plan.

You can find our plans’ pricing here:

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


Hello, My name is Sarhan. I am an android developer, I got a project for creating a video calling application. After doing so much research I came to know that zoom is providing SDK for the same. After going through the documentation, I downloaded the SDK and when I ran the project it was a demo or something I didn’t understand and I was not able to figure it out what exactly I have to do. I do have lots of queries to ask someone who has already used the SDK but I didn’t find anything so I end up writing here. So If someone can help me with this please let me know and contact me as soon as possible.

Hi @sarhan.dioco,

If you have questions specific to our SDK, please feel free to create a post here with your particular questions: #client-web-sdk


Thanks for replying,

I have successfully integrated Zoom SDK but the default UI is not as per my requirements therefore I need to change the UI. I have gone through the Custom UI documentation but I didn’t get anything so I need to know how to change the UI, If any staff member is available to help me it will be great help from your side. I am looking forward for your response.

Hi @sarhan.dioco,

Please create a new post in our Client Web SDK topic (#client-web-sdk ), and we will be happy to help!


Hi, @will.zoom If I use my account to create a new user I am automatically creating a new account? I mean, I am using a new license? What happens if a create new users in a free account?

Hi @gurumatch,

Good question—to clarify, if you create a user under your account, you will designate them as licensed or not licensed upon creation. You can create users under your account who are not licensed. If you’re creating them via our Create User API, you will designate their licensed status using this field:

Let me know if this helps to clarify!


I have a query…I have a teacher app where there are more than 1000 teacher and I want to create a marketplace through my application(web and android) where student can connect with any teachers and can have 1-1 or group call. And I want to promote my application without mentioning zoom (don’t want to have zoom verification) but we will do teacher verification of our own.

My question is :
it may happen that only 50-60 teacher will have meeting out of 1000. Doni need to have licence for all the teacher ?
2)what is the best pricing plan for this ? i am assuming 30-40 random teacher out of 1000 will do meeting in a given day.
3) is it possible to brand my company insted of mentioning zoom or without zoom authentication.

Manai, please send an email to, this is an ideal path to take with the ISV team and we can help you there. thanks.

The free plan says “Unlimited one-on-one Meetings”.
That means I can create as many users as I want under my account, then create a meeting for each two of them and let every couple have a meeting in parallel?

Edit @beatles_222, that is correct. Under a free plan, users can have unlimited 1 on 1 meetings. You can create 9,999 users per account, if you have a Pro license and access to User Management.