Pro Account Migration to new Owner

If an existing PRO Zoom user wants to switch to another owner/institution membership can we assign the same PRO features for that particular user? instead of creating the user as a fresh and free user?

If so please elaborate on the steps to retrieve through API.


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How To Reproduce (If applicable)
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  1. Create a Pro User account directly in zoom
  2. Create a User with the same credentials under another ownership or organization
  3. Try to sign up / confirm with the same credentials through email.

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Hi @gkumar,

If you switch a user to a new account, their user profile will stay the same but they will need to be re-assigned a new license under the new account.

To assign a license to a user via API, you can call our Update User endpoint:

You’ll need to update the type to 2 to apply a license.

Let me know if this helps to clarify.


Hi @Will,
Thank you for the information. If we re-assign a new license under the new account then the new account holder’s license will be charged? or because of the existing license user if we migrate to a new account it won’t be charged again?

Hi @gkumar,

If you move the user to a new Zoom account, the license will come from the new account holder’s alotted licenses that they will have paid for. Licenses aren’t transferred between accounts. :slight_smile:


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