Problem in Audio

We just bought a zoom subscription and currently integrating it in our system. We have opening zoom sessions in iframe inside browser, like this:

Audio Call and Chat problem.
Once the call is connected we can’t hear audio from both host and other paticipents. Chat is also disbaled as attached in image. Only video is showing. Kindly help us in this regard.

Our account username is:

No error is showing audio is not working properly and chat is disabled

we are using windows 10 as operating system and chrome as browser.

Hi @juma.bharadia,

For the chat issue, please check your account settings and make sure Chat is enabled. For the audio issue can you provide us the meeting ID and also do you have the microphone enabled within the browser?

Meeting ID is:- 442099733

this is the Url for meeting.

Hey @juma.bharadia,

Have you included the allow audio attribute in the iFrame?

<iframe src="{{ meetindID }}/join?prefer=1&un=TWluZGF1Z2Fz" sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts" allow="microphone; camera; fullscreen"></iframe>