Problem viewing webinar video on embedded floating web view client

Meeting SDK Type and Version
type: websdk
version: 2.18.2

We want to embed webinars on our site with the floating window full-screen example. No matter what flow we choose to have, that is having the host, panelist or attendee role accessing the embedded view client, we get the same output. That is the classic black screen of the active user with the user’s full name. Getting no error makes us think that there may be some form of configuration missing or not properly set. The model webinar we used for reference is: 92318923112

we get no error, only unwanted behaviour, the video is not showing in no role (host or panelist or attendee) and no matter if the webinar feed is sourced from standard windows client

How To Reproduce
1. Auth-Method: passing of user’s join url already retrieved by Meeting API
2. Errors: no errors found anywhere client side or from the web-view-client as gui
3. Browser/client type: Chrome 119.0.6045.160 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10

Snapshots from various roles

Can somebody tell us whether there is any special firewall configuration required for the own-hosted embedded webinar setup?

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