Guest sees black screen and no Zoom content when accessing Zoom embebed

Several guests when trying to access Zoom are getting a blank screen in place of Zoom embed
Zoom Webinar was used in embed, ID [REDACTED]

There was no error showing in place

Which Web Client SDK version?

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  • Browser: Chrome

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Hey @rita.diaz,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Did this only happen with the referenced meeting or are you seeing this with all meetings? Further, when this happened, were you able to capture any errors from the browser JS console?


Hi Max,
Thank you for replying. This is the information we have so far

  1. It happened more than one time during the 6/29 webinar (early on and then towards the end). It was reported by attendees that Zoom blacked out, so they had to join in the native application.
  2. The screenshots show what happened. The embedded Zoom appeared totally black without any of the controls present.

Thank you

Hi @rita.diaz,

Thank you for confirming.

If you see this again, is it possible to share a screenshot of the browser console and any associated errors? Additionally, do you have the UUID of the webinar?


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