Problem while login in android application

After update zoom sdk in android application. I did not found function loginWithZoom(email, password) for login, can you help how i can login in application with zoom credentials for generate meeting link.

Hi @csm ,

Can you please offer the version of the previous zoom sdk you were using, and the updated version you are trying to run now?


Hello, the previous version i was using is sdk version 4.6.21666.0429 and the latest version I am using now is zoom-sdk-android-

Hi @csm , thanks for providing the versions. I noticed that the sdk version you were using is already outdated. And from Meeting sdk 5.0, only Zoom clients which support GCM, are able to join Zoom Meetings, loginWithZoom(email, password) is no longer supported.

You can find more information about this update in this link:

You can now authenticate users using Proof Key For Code Exchange (PKCE), please see our documentation on for PKCE implementation guidance: