Problem with commandClient.send('text', senderId)

Hi, we have an ReactJs app and a iOs one, in which we have implemented Zoom Video SDK.
We use command channel to send info: Web to web, iOs to iOs and cross ( iOs to Web, Web to iOs).
It was stable for a while, but today we caught a bug in commandClient.send('text', senderId) on Web side. (iOs is not affected).

The description of the bug is:
When we are trying to send a message to a specific user an error is thrown ‘Cannot find the user’.
This is specific just for Web and it dosen’t influence which platform the user that we are sending the info is using.

As seen in screenshots.

To recap: Using commandClient.send('text', senderId) throws ‘Cannot find the user’ only on Web Video SDK.

We managed to do a workaround on this by sending broadcast, as this functionality is not affected.

Web Video SDK version: 1.5.5
Web isolate: Implemented
Browser: Chrome

Hey @moldovanotiliu

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you check the type of senderId ? It should be a number as expected.


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