Problem with zoommeetingsdk popups

I Am bind the zoom meeting using meetingsdk in angular .It bind but the issue is When I am trying to end the meet so then click on leave button but popup is opened behind the meeting window . I am unable to click popup options .

@zoomus/websdk”: “2.11.0” .

I am trying to apply some CSS styles but those style not reflected to these popups here .

Meeting Window Element :


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  • You're sharing the screen

    Stop Share

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    Popup Window Element:

    • Lock Meeting
    • Enable Waiting Room

    • Allow participants to:
    • Share Screen
    • Chat
    • Start Video

    Please try provide how to resolve this issue >.lease respond as soon as possible

    @leelasai.epic ,

    I would recommend not changing the Z index, it will cause such UI issues.

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