Problems I experienced during integration with my own system

Hello, We have a large educational institution. Education was interrupted due to the corona virus. However, we continue with distance education. As software developers working here, we are trying to integrate our system with Zoom API V2. We have followed a path like this, but we have some problems. Can you help me?

First of all, I create the Class (video call) with “Create a meeting” via API V2. I send an invitation to the students who will attend the training with “Add Meeting Registrant”. While creating the class, I give the “Registrant Email Notification” feature true so that students receive an invitation mail. Students join the class with the incoming mail.

What I have to follow here; When was the class opened, when was it closed, how long was the training given? I also need details such as which students have attended the class and how long they have been trained. I use the Webhook method to access this information.

However, I cannot match the data that I have added with Webhook with the students I added with “Add Meeting Registrant”. Since ParticipantID and RegistrantID contain different values, I cannot keep track of which students are connected and for how long they remain connected. I tried to match using participant user name. Some students join the class with different names than registered names, even though they are linked via invitation mail. So I can’t match the data from webhook with the students in my system.

Can you help me with this? I can integrate with my own system by following what steps, by following which steps.

I am sending MeetingID that I had a problem with. You can also review. k9dv13ybqgo7ıtpıgmx NQ == +
Although I register the student named “Çağdaş Erüst” here as “Çağdaş ERÜST (43686)”, there is data as “Çağdaş ERÜST” via Webhook.

Hi @gamebooker, to match Participant IDs across meetings, your students will have to have a consistent login method. If you enforce login or require specific domains when authenticating, your users will have consistent participant IDs. Without this, our systems will not have a consistent user identity to provide.