Protect meetings only for subscribers

I need to sell subscrption to a paid trading room. Is there a way to only give acess to my meeting room for paid members? and block those who are notmembers?

i actualy use activecampaign and tags to run my membership site and need to prevent link sharing!


you could make that meeting password protected and pass on the password only to the members who are paid.

If you make a meeting password protected and use the API register function, the password is ignored when using the generated URL.  The password should be required even when using the join_url generated from the API register function.  We have had to regularly re create rooms to change the room id to prevent link sharing.  This is an issue for anyone wanting to sell subscriptions to webinar access.


If you enable password for a webinar, after attendee registered the webinar, Zoom will return a join_url with password in it. So registered user can directly join the webinar. If someone didn’t register the webinar and use webinar ID to join, he still needs to enter password.




i ve found a way to protect my meetings. First i embed the registration form on a protected page on my website. I use activecampaign and AM360, only paid mambers who have the tag can acess. Then i conectt the registration form via zapier with a list in Activecampaign. After this i can check who are registered and dont have a tag! I can even automate this process to verify who didnt got a tag (paid member via checkout integrated with Activecampaign). This system makes easy to know who are sharing the form or are registering others…Does it sounds good?

Thanks, so if we change the password regularly, old join_url will become invalid correct ?

Great to hear you got it working DayTP! 

Steve, the join_url is still valid, user will be required to enter a password before joing.