Publishable URL needing state

We have had our app approved for beta testing outside of our account, so we can share our publishable URL (with a limit of 40).

I have a number of questions I’m not sure on this though:

  1. The publishable URL by itself will not work for us as our flow requires state to be appended so we can link the tokens to a user in our system. Will the users be able to use the auth flow from within our web application to authorize the Zoom app (which handles all the appending of necessary state), or will it only work for the specific publishable URL that has been generated?

  2. Is the limit of 40 for users or organizations? i.e. if 2 users in the same organization authorize our app, will that count as 1 or 2 against our 40 limit.

Hello @chris7 There are 2 limits one for Account Level Oauth app and everything else. So if its user level the limit is 40 users and if its an account level Oauth app can have a limit of 20 Zoom Accounts which means it will be installed for everyone on the account.

Given the explanation in question 1 the Publishable URL will just be using the Prod redirect URL, so if your environment is configured using the Production credentials it should work.

Regards, Kwaku