”Published OAuth apps only” privacy update?

I received an email from Zoom stating the following:

Privacy update: Published OAuth apps only

As part of our continuous efforts to protect user privacy, Zoom is requiring all developers to attest to how user data is processed. Your app/integration’s technical design document (TDD) must be updated to include this information. It is important that you submit an updated TDD with complete answers to the data privacy questions by November 5, 2023. Failure to update your TDD by this deadline will result in the suspension of your app/integration from the Zoom App Marketplace.

Does this mean that in order to develop an internal tool using the Web SDK + Oauth, it is required to publish the app?

Currently the app is not published and doesn’t need to or should not be published.

Will my app stop working unless I publish it?

Hello @daniel2 Can you confirm if all the apps on your account are not published if you received this email it means there is a published app you receiving this for. If you do not please disregard. Only published apps can be suspended.

Regards, Kwaku

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