Join fails with "Appkey review status exception"

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Meeting SDK Type and Version

  • Web (v2.13.0)
  • iOS (5.13.3)
  • Android (5.15.2)

For around 1.5 hours, joining most Zoom meetings failed. On the Web Meeting SDK we received the following error message:

We were not able to find any documentation on the meaning of this error message. We’re wondering what condition triggers this error and why the error no longer appeared after around 1.5 hours. In this time we made no code change which indicates our JWT generation is correct.

“Joining meeting timeout”
“Appkey review status exception”

How To Reproduce
We’re unsure how to reproduce and it no longer happens.

  1. Generate a JWT on the server-side and return to the client (Meeting SDK)
  2. Join the meeting with the JWT as the authentication.
  3. Error message appears.

This occurs on both Chrome and Firefox on web and both iOS and Android for mobile.

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Hi, I just wanted to follow-up on this ticket. Currently this issue is preventing us from upgrading our Meeting SDK in time for the August 5th deadline

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Hi @chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom

I just wanted to follow-up on this question

We wanted to understand what the error we received means (Appkey review status exception) and what process or part of our implementation could cause it so that we can make the appropriate changes


Hi @chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom

Following up on this issue; it seems another developer has also encountered it: Appkey review status exception


Hi! Are you still facing this issue? I solved this by using the same zoom account for both zoom sdk and meeting host. Hope this will works for you is you are still working on it :slight_smile:

I’m also encountering this issue - are you saying that I have to create an SDK key for any account I want to join a meeting for?


I am also facing the same issue. I can join meetings hosted by the account that owns the SDK key issued app. However, I cannot join meetings hosted by any other accounts, and it shows “Appkey review status exception.”

Could this restriction be due to the app not being published yet? Or is it possibly a bug?

Hi @chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom @gianni.zoom, it seems multiple other developers are encountering this issue as well. Could we get an update or more information on how to resolve it?

@developer-whova @llm-dx-trial-1-zoom @peter.antoniou @dev-sh

The error you are encountering on the Web SDK is related to non-published Meeting SDK App Type.

If you are intending to join/start a meeting which resides outside of the account (where the Meeting SDK App Type is created), you will need to publish your Meeting SDK App Type.

Meanwhile, unpublished Meeting SDK App Type can still join/start meeting which resides in the same account.

Thx @chunsiong.zoom. So this means I also need to submit my new meeting SDK app to the Marketplace, and make it available for others, just so I can use the credentials for other accounts too?

@christoph Yes, that is correct. Until that, you can test SDK app only in meetings hosted(created) by your account.

SDK requirements page for review:

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@evgeny.balashov Our app is published, but we still get this error. Do you have any ideas?

@fourwaves Can you please share the link to the app on the marketplace?

Sure! App Marketplace

Sorry for the inconvenience, but did you have time to have a look at this? @evgeny.balashov

Sorry for the inconvenience, but did you have time to have a look at this? @evgeny.balashov

Maybe @chunsiong.zoom ?


Happy to help! Could you please provide more details about the error you are experiencing? Also, let us know the steps you took before encountering the error. From the discussion, it appears that you have published a Marketplace App but are facing difficulties when trying to join a meeting outside of your account. Is that correct?

@donte.zoom We are encountering the “Appkey review status exception” error.

Our public SDK key is “[REDACTED]”.

The Web SDK works successfully with our own meeting number, but not with one from another account.

Our app is approved & published on the marketplace: App Marketplace

Got it, @fourwaves! Thanks for sharing this information. I am looking into it and will share updates as they become available.

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