Published User Managed App with Transcript Complete Webhook Sending Multiple Triggers for One Event

Hello there!

I recently onboarded my first customer that has multiple users in the same Zoom account. Shortly after onboarding we received the first Transcript.Complete trigger from their account.

The meeting was held by one user, but all 4 users triggered a webhook. Which then triggered an action through our app to all 4 users instead of just the one user who hosted the meeting.

This was unexpected behavior since my published app is a User-Managed App.

It doesn’t matter which host-ID triggered the webhook the Account ID is always the same, but I need to get the individual who hosted the meeting the proper action on my end. I don’t need a trigger from every user for each individual transcript completed action. I only need the trigger from the individual who hosted the meeting.

We turned off the workflow for all but one user (Zoom Admin) expecting that as it had done before that any meeting would trigger the webhook, but now we are getting no webhooks at all.

Here is the published app: App Marketplace

I’m certain that the behavior I’m expecting is likely because of a misunderstanding of the requirements, so any explanation about expected behavior between user managed and account managed apps and how I can tweak my own app to get this expected behavior is greatly appreciated.


@jessie ,

Thanks for pointing out this behavior, @jessie! Does this occur consistently? What is the impact of triggering the webhook for every user? I’m trying to understand the implications for the developer experience so I can relay your feedback to the team. Any additional details you can provide about this situation would be helpful.

@donte.zoom Thanks so much for the reply!

This does occur consistently. I’d be happy to send you the JSON responses to some kind of less public storage so that you can see what’s going on.

Essentially, what I think is happening, is that the transcript complete trigger is being tied to Account ID instead of Host ID. But each user in the account has the same Account ID. What this looks like on my end is that I receive 4 separate triggers which then kicks off 4 separate workflows resulting in the same message (the result of our app’s function and workflow) being sent to 4 people when it was only intended for one (the host).

I tried to disable the workflow for every user except the Zoom Admin thinking that maybe this was expected behavior, and had a way to workaround to send to only the host if I was getting the trigger through the Zoom Admin’s connection, but now I’m not getting any triggers at all.

Are there specific details that you’re looking for that I can provide. I’m not sure how else to explain the situation.


@jessie ,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It seems like you might be using a third-party tool that initiates four separate workflows when it receives four distinct triggers, causing the same message to be sent multiple times. Have you tried managing these separate workflows? Depending on the tool you’re using, there might be an opportunity to filter for the meeting host and only send the event then.