PureJS demo not working

@tommy Sorry for your busy but can you please help me to resolve my issue?

Hi @tuanthinhit, Please verify that you have configured valid SDK Key and Secret.

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For CORS quick fix watch session → here.

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The console error looks more like a credential issue. I would verify the Video SDK credentials you are using are correct.

Thank you. let me check

@kellyjandrews I used both JWT and Meeting SDK but was still no success. Thank you

@tuanthinhit You needed Video SDK Creds. For that, you first need to create a Video SDK Dev account.

Don’t worry you have free 10,000 mints with that account without any charges. Then navigate click on Video SDK and get SDK Creds.

Note: Please use your working email for registration.

@freelancer.nak Do you mean Video SDK same as Meeting SDK?

Nope, please create account first :point_down:

While creating account please make sure :point_down:

@freelancer.nak Can i register it without payment? i can not create a payment so how can i access purejs-demo?

During registration, you must select ‘Pay as You Go’ and enter your payment info. You will not be charged until you consumed 10,000 mints/ month.

Then navigate

And get Video SDK Creds, Set those to your PureJS demo and build the demo.

Dear @freelancer.nak
I have add my payment but i can not find where to get Video SDK to set in PureJs demo. Can you please help me?

Hi @tuanthinhit, :point_down:

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Dear @freelancer.nak
I just find Build App, do not find Build Video SDK

Please use a different working email while registering as I already mentioned.

you can also install the Video SDK as a dependency in your project using a package manager such as npm or yarn, and then import it into your JavaScript code:
import Twilio from ‘twilio-client’;

@tuanthinhit Here is the session regarding Zoom Video SDK Integration using ReactJS.

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