Push meeting ID & passcode via AirWatch and XML file?

After I push down the Zoom iOS app via Airwatch MDM, I would like to have it automatically configured to join a specific meeting ID and password - without the user having to poke it in. Is there a key-pair that I can put into the XML file I push down with AirWatch that would include the meeting ID & passcode?

Hi, @ALS_FD,

Thank you for posting. Not familiar with Airwatch, but I am happy to check internally to see what options are available. Can you share more details regarding what you are looking to accomplish with this flow and the Airwatch resources you using? Once this information is received, I will double-check and let you know what I learn.


Hi Donte,

I would like to push down an app configuration xml that would include the meeting id and password key pairs. The sample xml in this document is the type of document to push down, but the sample doesn’t show me what the key-pair naming and formatting looks like: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360022302612-Using-MDM-to-configure-Zoom-on-iOS#h_5db4a51f-f244-4385-9c86-5b881eacfe06.

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It sounds like you’re looking for help with configuring the Zoom client. This forum is meant only to assist developers who are integrating our SDK into their own applications. For help with the Zoom client, please visit the Zoom Community. :slightly_smiling_face:


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