Push pop up with external web page to all participants in ios

I am new to zoom ssk and developing app… what i need to know is how i can implement the following…i need from the host to be able to push a pop up screen with external loaded www page to all participant and also able to close it from my end… that pop up screen will appear in front of all participants… i really need a guide to help me creating that for ios version… we are started using the business version and we have that specific requirement…appreacite ur help i that

Farooq a.aziz

Hi Farooq,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. It sounds like you are looking for a way to share website, our demo app has the exact feature available in both Zoom default UI and Custom UI. In Zoom default UI, when you are in the meeting, press “Share > Website URL”, then you will be able to share a website. If you are using Custom UI, you may refer to the implementation in our demo app: https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-ios/blob/master/MobileRTCSample/MobileRTCSample/SDKPresenters/how_to_use_inmeeting_function/how_to_use_customized_inmeeting_ui/how_to_use_customized_share/SDKSharePresenter.m

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks for ur quick response… sorry if i missed some points… what i need to push is with one click a cistomized poll (web based) through ipad particpiant for voting purpose…its for parlimentary use… so the host with one click from zoom window a pop up will appear for the participants as full screen to start voting…after the time for vote is finished…i can close the window for all others from my side… the vote app we will create it as a website so we can make it very quick…and that pop up window will pull that…i know about share the screen…but i dont want that… i need each partidicapant to interact to the opened form and can select yes, no, or dont want to vote as a form…i need that to do it very urgent…i hope that was clear>>


Thanks for the reply. What you are mentioning is possible with Custom UI, but a lot of features(such as the pop up window, the vote, etc.) you have mentioned are not Zoom features so you will need to handle it on your own, but I think the Custom UI feature could help with the parts that involves video communication.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

to make it short what i need is following:

  1. add a new custom icon to toolbar
  2. from host i can click that custom icon to open a pop up window to all partipants with predefined external link

Hi f.abdulaziz,

Thanks for the reply. What you are mentioning is not supported in Zoom default UI. It is possible with Custom UI since you have the control of the UI. Our demo app has the implementation of the Custom UI, please have a try.