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List Phone Users

I am using the List Calling Plans API to check the number of assigned licenses. When I check the users who have these licenses assigned using the List Phone Users API, I get a different number of users.

In the List Calling Plans API, I get around 900 as the number of assigned licenses. However when I use the List Phone Users API to get the list of these assigned users, I get around 800 users.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


Hi @akankshkn91

What query-string params are you using for list phone users? Could there be another page of results?


Hi Gianni,

Thank you for your response.

We are not using any query params other than page_size=300, and we’re fetching all the records repeatedly until we reach the last records where next_page token is null.

Let me know if you need any information.


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

Any updates on this? Let me know if you need any information from my end.


Hi Akanksh,

Users can be assigned more than one license. This can happen if a user has either the International Calling add-on license, the Power Pack add-on license, or maybe some users have been assigned two different country calling plans for some reason.

Without seeing more about exactly what licenses you are seeing, it is hard to say if this is normal or not.

One thing you could do is compare the API results with what you see with you go to Phone System Management > Users and look at your license plan usage.

Hi @justin.steinberg ,

Thanks for the response.

We have counted all the licenses received in the phone_plans api, even multiple licenses. And also counted the licenses received in phone_rooms api, which gives usage of phone licenses assigned to zoom rooms. Still the count is coming in short. Is there any other place the phone licenses are used other than these two? How can we fetch usage of that?


We do support Common Area phones, which are not users and are not Zoom Rooms, but use licenses if you have those configured. These are typically deskphones in lobby, analog lines, etc.

You should see Common Area on your web admin portal and we have APIs for this too. This may be where the other licenses are being consumed.