Zoom for Telehealth, Best way to recycle @zoomtelevisit.com licenses?


Not sure this is the right forum but please point me in the right direction if not.

We are implementing Zoom for Telehealth with our Epic. I have been investigating how best to manage licenses for this given automatic license recycling doesn’t exist yet.

In Zoom Admin, on the Users management screen, the “Search by email domain” feature doesn’t appear to work. What’s the best way to filter on just “@zoomtelevisit.com” accounts? Right now if I filter on Licensed, Member I can see all licensed accounts (all 8,000+). But I need to target just the zoomtelevisit.com accounts.

I hope there’s an easier way.


Currently we doing the same thing (Zoom/Epic integration). I’m using the API to gather all of the users (we only have ~1K) and filtering by the @zoomtelevisit.com email and then calling the user delete API for each. Seems to be working, although I have a couple of questions for the devs I will post in a different thread. Thanks.

Hey @matthew_deroller,

Have you tried using the Get Users endpoint?

Checkout this thread by @bcartwright: