Question regarding Deauthorization Hook and multiple Production instances

We have already deployed our app on Zoom marketplace, so far users could only authorize the app from one of our production instances.

We now want to enable our users to do the same but on other production instance (on different server, different region).

But i ran in to a small problem, where as far i can see, we can only set only 1 deauthorization webhook endpoint. That is a problem, because as I said, we now want to use the same app from different production server and we can’t set deauthorization webhook endpoint to that server.

Is there any solution to this problem?
Do we have to submit another app (it seems kinda unnecessary, the app would do exactly the same thing)?

Thank you for your response.

Hi @brunikb,

Good question—I’m afraid that your suspicions are correct. This would require separate apps. If you need to be able to specify different deauthorization endpoints based on region, for instance, you might consider making unique OAuth apps per region (e.g., OAuth App EMEA, OAuth App APAC, etc.).

That said, we’re hoping to improve the flexibility on this capability in the future, and you raise a great point. If you’re so inclined, I might recommend submitting a feature request for this as well: #feature-requests

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