Question regarding QOS thresholds


I’m looking to set up thresholds to detect poor connections between our students, who meet with each other from all across the globe.

Specifically, my question is if a zoom call between 2 devices with poor connection will be worse than a call where one device has a good connection, and the other one has a poor connection.

It sounds a bit silly, but I haven’t found this information anywhere. So is a connection as bad as it’s slowest link, or do both connections have an impact on call quality?

I hope the question is clear.

Also any good resources to help me with thresholds for QOS will be deeply appreciated!
I’m thinking of matching the samples we get from the API and calculating the 95% percentile against the thresholds suggested by Zoom.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey @nicolaskneler,

If a Zoom user has bad connection, it will only affect that users quality. Of course the other participants will see that that user has bad connection, but they rest will not be affected.


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