Questions about developer account

Dear ALL,

I am a newer of zoom and have some questions need help.

  1. Is developer account free ?

  2. What’s the difference between API and SDK ?

  3. Should the develper account have to buy some hosts before testing ?

Can the client built with SDK be used in all of world ?

Thank for your help!

Hey @arrayxs,

Some of our APIs are available for free, you can see the prerequisites on each endpoint page.

The Zoom API is a REST API to take actions on Zoom accounts.

The Zoom SDK is for embedding Zoom Meetings / Webinars into your Website or Application.

Depends on your use case!

Yes, except for these countries:


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for the reply. If the account’s Zoom Meeting Plan was stopped for several months,then contiue to renew. Can the SDK client still work ?


Hi Tommy,

Another questions:
Where to find SDK document ?
If SDK has new version, Does client built with old version still work ?

Thank a lot.

Hey @arrayxs,

What do you mean? If the user was switched to a basic free plan?

Yes the old versions will still work unless stated otherwise.