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Hi. I am luke from CodingRobotLab. CodingRobotLab is developing Educational service.
To integrate zoom on our service, we did testing and are ready to buy zoom license.Before purchasing the license, I have a few questions.
Our service procedure is the following

  1. On our service, a teacher or tutor can open class and start zoom meeting.
  2. Students can participate the zoom meeting the teacher created.
  3. Several teachers could open other classes at the same time.

With a help of official guide documents and some references, I have created user-level Oauth app and
I with a different zoom account(not developer account) have installed Oauth app and created zoom meeting via api.

Here are my questions

  1. Assume there are 5 users who installed our oauth app. With one paid license, can these 5 users open zoom meeting or only one with a license can open the class?
  2. Can I check the information of the meeting created by a teacher who installed oauth app and who installed our oauth app? To get these information, do i need to change account-level app?
  3. Is there any concern or problem based on our service procedure I explained?

Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Which App?
Oauth User-level app

Hey @luke.choi,

Welcome back to the forum.

All users will be able to join the meeting, regardless of their license. You just need to make sure that the host (teacher) has a paid license, otherwise the meeting will be limited to 40 minutes.

You’re able to list all meetings created by users using the meetings API. Simply pass their userID in the request to receive a list of their meetings.

To check who installed your OAuth app, you should implement your own solution which saves this information during the OAuth authentication. You can get the user’s information using the ‘me’ endpoint, and pass the access token as the Authorization Bearer header. Full instructions can be found here:

It all sounds relatively simple and is a good use case for the Zoom API.

If you have any more questions, let us know!



Thanks for your quick and kind answer. very appreciated.
here is another question.
There are 5 users who installed our oauth app.
If one of 5 using our oauth app open and close one zoom meeting,
this person needs to buy license too? or this person is using our license?
If this person needs to buy license, what is the point I buy the license?

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Hey @luke.choi ,

If this Zoom user is the host of the meeting, on a free plan, then the meeting will only last 40 minutes. You can use the Zoom APIs to see what plan they are on if you’d like to implement some logic on your end:


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