Random JS error causes Video to stop after pressing Start Video

All of a sudden I am getting an error after the meeting starts that triggers the “stopRenderVideo” function then throws an error. Only just started happening say 20 minutes before the time of writing. Was perfectly fine until then. This is my dev machine, but everything worked fine until now.

Console JS error as per attached image:

Which version?
Version 1.8.0 running in Chrome browser on MacOS

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Run WebSDK Meeting in iframe
  2. Click on Start Video
  3. Open Console to see errors


Additional context
I am trying to trigger the click on the Join Computer Audio and the Start Video programmatically as the expected functionality of auto starting the video and audio does not work in Zoom even though I have set the meeting parameters to auto-start.

Also … it seems to save something in the browser as subsequent reloads with my auto trigger click function removed doesn’t make a difference. It is as if it is cached or something.

Adding further to this … it seems that even rolling back to a previous state that did work still causes the error. I tried on several different computers using different browsers. The meeting starts, you can click on Join Audio but as soon as you click on Start Video it crashes.

Hi @SimoneLabianca,

Can you confirm you’re embedding the Web SDK in an iFrame (this looks to be the case)? I should note that the Web SDK was not designed to be embedded in an iFrame, which can cause issues like this.

Are you seeing the same issues when using the Web SDK on a web page without an iFrame?


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