Random user becomes host if the real host is forced to leave (ex: network disconnection/crash), part deux

Can a Developer or Zoom Support person please post screenshots or a KB link for configuring this if it is implemented, and an ETA if not already implemented? There’s one post saying it was implemented, and nobody, from what I can tell, has been able to find said setting, if that is actually the case.

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Hello all! I can confirm if you call Zoom support you can have this enabled. It’s a backend feature and must be confirmed by email in order to enabled.

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Has anyone seen this supposed feature in some settings somewhere. when i open zoom its not working properly Big issue for our local business project Vliesbehang

I’m not sure what account types, etc. have this feature, but phone support just helped me locate this option:

I believe it’s exactly what we’re looking for. I haven’t tested it yet, but it’s locked and loaded here, as you can see.

(Click Edit Options as seen in the screenshot to flip this particular switch.)

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Yes, it’s here. Thank you…
Thank you for giving an option and not forcing us into one or another…

Now, it’s time for the NDI output, fingers crossed :pray:t2:

Hey everyone, we do have this feature now as shared by @pikonferans :

You can now move participants to the waiting room if the host dropped unexpectedly.

You can configure the setting at the user level here: https://zoom.us/profile/setting or the account level here: https://zoom.us/account/setting

If you have additional questions about this setting, please reach out to support.zoom.us.


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