Rate limit on cloud recording APIs

I was hoping to get clarification on the application of the rate limit for the Cloud Recording APIs.
I read the documentation, and I understand that different rates are applied to different endpoints. However, the phrasing is a bit unclear to me. I saw that “Rate limits will be shared by all apps created and installed on an account”. Does this mean that it’s applied on the end user?

For example, I set up an oauth based app that uses the medium rate-limited /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings endpoint (i.e. 60 requests/second).

  • If I have created multiple oauth apps, does this 60 requests/second get shared between all of my end users that have installed any of my apps? i.e. if User A,B,C all use my app at the same time, do they contribute to the same limit?


  • Alternatively, does each end user experience their own rate limit based on the apps they have installed? For example if user A installs app 1 (my app) and app2 (an app someone else authored), is the 60 req/sec limit shared on user A’s account? And if User B installs 5 apps, user B’s 60 req/sec limit is shared between the 5 apps he/she has installed?

Not an error, just need to understand appilcation of rate limit.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

  • /users/{userId}/recordings
  • /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings

Hey @mokutsu,

Looks like I have answered your rate limit question here:

I see you followed up, I will reply shortly.